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How we a s society agree or disagree on things. How we can find better ways to agree and avoid internal or external wars?

Conciousness of Abstracting

Things get transformed along the way. We take the good parts and leave the bad parts. But sometimes we forget the good parts also.

Delaying ones reactions

Are there any evidence suggesting that taking time to think makes one a better person, speaker, lover, decision maker, etc?

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Fluid Identity

Should a person get stuck in his own identity or stay fluid? What good examples in nature we find where changing ones identity helps avoid predators or find a mate? What problems does identification with ones ideology, nation, culture introduce? What about new non-binary culture? How identity is affected by childhood traumas? Should an artist be changed by his own art or not?

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General Semantics

Everything about General Semantics itself.


How language shapes our perceptions of reality?

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Analog: NP complete vs NP incomplete things.

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Big new ideas how to get along and live better lives.


A tendency to split and divide things that should not be split or divided.

Object level

How does staying at the object level or getting away from it shapes ones reality? Do we need art? Do people with disabilities experience world differently? Does artificial intelligence has an object level or it lives on verbal levels?

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Reality models

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New theories, experiments, physics, etc.

Semantic Reactions

How preconceived notions or early imprints forms our attitudes towards things? Can we change those attitudes? Can I stop being afraid of dogs?

Silent Practice

Does silent practice really work? What are positive and negative implications of meditation?


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Thalmus-Cortex relationship

Brain having higher and lower centers.

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Info pathway from generation to generation.